About Aqua Swimming

Here at Aqua Swimming, we try on a daily basis to improve others in the areas of water safety and water awareness. We have 6 full time coaches available 6AM to 6PM, everyday, except Saturdays and Sundays to help people overcome their fears of water or to assist in training of professional athletes.

Our program is based off three core values that we try to carry out in everything we do and they are attitude, character and commitment. By setting out to on a daily bases to carry these core values with us, we hope to inspire others to be like us and hopefully lift the community around us.

Aqua Swimming is currently based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, but we currently have satellite clubs in Auburn, Alabama and Huntsville, Alabama. We, at Aqua Swimming are trying our very best to help communities in drown proofing people so that everyone can have an enjoyable time around a pool or area of water.